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Russian film about Kosovo 2/7
Russian documentary ``Area - Fated on Exile`` deals with the problem of Kosovo and Metohija. The film was shown two times in the beginning of December of 2007 on the First channel of state Russian television and has provoked a huge ammount of interest by public. The movie shows the destinies of people from Kosovo who for a number of years live in state of permanent fear, despair and suffering. In historical retrospective the film analytically presents the causes and consequences of Kosovo and Metohija crisis. In the Russian documentary there are no politicians, its participants are historians, clergy, soldiers, publicists, journalists, pathologists, citizens... The authors of the film, which is done in the production of First channel of Russian state television, are Yevgeny Baranov and Aleksandar Zamisov. Hvala Bojanu Teodosijeviću, Jeleni Pašić i Maši Vujanović za prevod.

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Date :02 août 2008

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Hushed up Kosovo war crimes 1/2
BBC 090409 - The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA, UCK, OVK) abducted civilians in Kosovo who were then mistreated and in some cases killed, a BBC investigation has found. Kosovo Serbs,
Hushed up Kosovo war crimes 2/2
BBC 090409
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Documentaire tchèque sur le Kosovo avec historique, magouilles des USA pour installer leur base Bondsteel, la mafia albanaise et l'héroïne, l'UCK, les vi
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